Al Quds Open University

This university was established in 1990 and focuses on the education of Palestinian ex-prisoners who sadly missed the opportunity to further education.

Al-Quds is proud to offer the only university in Palestine that practices open education and incorporates a distance learning system alongside the traditional learning system.

15, 000 students currently benefit from the scheme, although the students are based across five branches in each of Gaza’s governorates. Two of the university’s branches are the only owned by the university itself, as the other three are rented residential properties without the suitable infrastructure required for use as university buildings.

At present the sorry sight of students taking exams in tents, leaning on their laps to write is one that we really look forward to changing. Despite its many challenges, the university is totally dedicated to developing its educational system by incorporating modern E-learning tools and introducing effective virtual class models.

20 dunums have already been allocated for the university’s use in the settlement of Ghoush Ghateef, where buildings that will be owned entirely by the university will be built. Recovering your education because it was missed due to incarceration is not something that many young people across the world have to deal with, yet Gaza is home to thousands of innocent young people in this position.

Fakhoora are so proud to be a part of this project which targets this very specific section of the population and brings them the same opportunities as their peers have in Gaza.