College of Science and Technology, Khan Younis

This university was established to serve the need for higher education in Southern Gaza in 1990.

The college offers bachelor degrees in six disciplines, and diplomas in a further 20 applied science and art disciplines for the 1,900 students enrolled.

The current campus has a total area of 40 dunums that were added to the campus shortly before the war on Gaza. Sadly this site was targeted by the Israelis and caused severe damage to the buildings.

The campus includes several old buildings that do not meet the very minimal requirements for use, despite the fact that the students continue to use it in their dedication to their education.

The outdated equipment is clear for all to see, and where the equipment is still useable despite it's old-fashioned design, war damage has destroyed lots of equipment, in particular, the soil testing laboratory.

There have been detailed plans produced and arrangement for the correct materials and labour to enter Gaza and begin work on the building.

Sadly, these plans were completely ruined thanks to border control by Israeli forces. We are looking forward to pulling this project out of suspension and seeing the plans come to fruition.