Dynamic Futures Partners

Without partnerships, Al Fakhoora’s work could not be carried out. The shared goals, mutual understanding and trust that we enjoy with our partners ensure that our work together is enjoyable, efficient and fulfilling.

Al Fakhoora are associated with 30 specialist NGOs and a number of international and local educational institutions, charities and companies. We also benefit from very valuable friendships with international students in various American and British universities, as well as tutors and academics from many backgrounds that kindly lend their time and expertise to the education of Al Fakhoora’s scholars.

Educational Institution Partners

Thanks to partnerships with educational institutions in the region, we are able to offer grants for study, use of facilities for the Empowerment Program strand of our Dynamic Futures program, and the opportunity to build valuable relationships with like-minded organisations.

• Al Aqsa University

Al-Aqsa University consists of seven faculties including the Faculty of Arts, Sciences, Education, Media, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Administration and Financial Studies and is the sole academic institution in the vicinity that is able to offer bachelor degrees in the fields of media studies, fine arts and physical education.

• Al Azhar University

Al Azhar aims to offer human resources in scientific research and sustainable development, with a constant focus on the use of modern technologies and techniques, combined with the originality of Palestinian, Arabic and Muslim heritage.

• An-Najah University

An-Najah specializes in scientific subject teaching, preparing young people with the skills and attitudes to tackle an international job market and realize their potential in a scientific industry, as well as support the Palestinian community in sustainable economic and technical and human development.

• Al Quds Open University

With a focus on the philosophy, principles and methods of open education, Al Quds maintains a freedom of thought and expression while avoiding ideological or political conflicts. The university offers MA and BA qualifications, delivering teaching using a mixture of printed, visual, audio, computerized and electronic resources.

• Birzeit University

Supervised by a board of trustees, Birzeit University endeavors to excel in higher education, scientific research and service to the community. The university operates in an atmosphere of liberalism, alongside an emphasis on Arab-Islamic heritage.

• University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS)

This college focuses on applied sciences with a dream of equipping Palestine and the rest of the region, with highly qualified and skillful professionals to build a modernized state.

• Islamic University of Gaza

This university offers a wealth of qualifications in all kinds of subjects and disciplines; drawing researchers and teachers from all areas and always offering well-planned programs.

Empowerment Program Partners

We have a number of international friends that offer their time, expertise and support to our Empowerment program, within ‘Dynamic Futures’, in various way.


CISCO generously work with us to provide the technology that we need to communicate with groups in Gaza, and also to facilitate the Vital Majlis sessions that we run within the Empowerment program within Dynamic Futures.

• World in Conversation

This online communication organization aims to create a dialogue about social and cultural issues that expand perspectives and invite greater understanding between groups.

Financial Support

We are endlessly grateful to a number of kind donors and benefactors, some of whom prefer to remain anonymous, who support the work of Al Fakhoora.

• Islamic Development Bank

We work with the IBD and continue to appreciate their dedication to the economic development and social progress of member countries and Muslim communities.