What's Education like in Gaza?

Imagine having an exam coming up and maybe not even having the text book to study for it, the lesson from your tutor or the fuel to get you there?! For students in Gaza, this is a reality. 
Instead of walking to school with your friends, catching up on your news together, students in Gaza might be assaulted or arrested. Instead of feeling irritated by the wait for lunch in the canteen at school, students in Gaza can be left queuing at a checkpoint for hours; sometimes never being allowed through and just having to go home again.
Some families alternate the use of one uniform between their children, so that each can attend schools, which are freezing and dark in the winter and stiflingly hot in the summer.
This waste of the time and abilities of young people with dreams and goals is incredibly frustrating, but the reconstruction of Gaza will act as a wonderful symbol of change for its people and its future.
It may be a long and difficult process, but the international community are dedicated to supporting the rights of people living under siege in Gaza.