What's the current health situation?

The health situation in Gaza is precarious, for various reasons, but we are already seeing our work take shape, and have a hugely positive effect to the region. 
The main barriers to better healthcare include the delay in border crossing permits for specialized hospital treatment, the shortage of medical supplies, improperly trained medical staff as a result of the imposed isolation, and the damage done to the health service infrastructure. 
The changes that we have planned in partnership with Qatar Red Crescent hope to change all of this. We want to improve the lives of the 70,000+ disabled people in Gaza and the West Bank; with one third of this total caused by injury, and the majority of which will need long-term help.
There's no comprehensive national plan for health, and the information provided on maintaining good health is limited. We plan to change this. We are currently researching, gathering data, trialling new processes, sourcing funding and planning new changes for the occupied state. 
In producing a national plan and plenty of advice and guidance for the population on personal healthcare, we are making a strong start for a big change. We will also be adding to the inadequate infrastructure with building and management and also contributing to the technical capacities available.
Better management will incorporate the monitoring of current services for better analysis and regular improvements. We have psychosocial rehabilitation programs that will provide much needed support and care for trauma victims and congenital mental disabilities.