Our Partners


Islamic Development Bank

The Islamic Development Bank is an international financial institution established to foster the economic development and social progress of member countries and Muslim communities individually and jointly in accordance with the principles of Islamic Law. 


Qatar Red Crescent

QRC is a humanitarian organization that strives to assist and empower individuals and communities in need, regardless of their place or origin. Based in Qatar, QRCS operates both locally and internationally and has ongoing relief and development projects in a number of countries.  


United Nations Development Program

We work with the UNDP's 'DEEP' program, also known as the Deprived families Economic Empowerment Program. This initiative sources the families most in need of fundinga nd guidance to create lasting independence and self sustainment.  


Palestinian Medical Relief Society

This is a grassroots community-based Palestinian health organization that seeks to aid the fractured and damaged health service in Gaza and the West Bank by educating and empowering Palestinian people using national health programs. This is a non-profit and voluntary organization.  


Islamic Relief Worldwide

IRW is an NGO with consultative status at the UN Economic and Social Council and is a member of the Islamic Council for Relief. Islamic Relief works to help and empower the poor, regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender, with programmes focused on extending emergency relief, contributing to sustainable development and investing in child welfare.


Islamic Relief Palestine

IRPAL is an affiliate of Islamic Relief Worldwide and have responded to emergencies, supported the poor, and invested in sustainable development since 1998.They are dedicated to alleviating suffering in Palestine and respecting the humanity and dignity of Palestinians. They provide relief, development and child welfare services.