Palestine Technical College, Deir Al Balah

Located in the middle of the Gaza strip, the Palestine Technical College was established in 1992 as a governmental higher education university.

Courses held at the university include film montage and photography, maintenance of information and communication technology equipment, fashion design and hostelry. The 1100 plus students already benefit from the 18 courses offered by the college, along with their high-employability upon graduating.

This college is a particularly significant institution for the reconstruction projects as the tailored courses continually adapt to ensure a high level of achievement and adherence to the current job market, thanks to maintaining contact with their successful alumni.

The rehabilitation and upgrading of this site will include additional labs and lecture halls as well as upgrading the existing labs. These plans are part of a three-year strategic plan.

This college aims to target the need for higher qualifications in several technical and other market-related fields, so our support is for this project is one we’re very proud to give to.

Maintaining employability within Gaza is very important to the immediate community in creating an ongoing self-sufficiency and we’re looking forward to seeing the developments that the next few years bring!