Physical Disability Services

Al Fakhoora and partners have plans to boost, upgrade and add to the infrastructure and level of care currently available; giving patients a better quality experience of care, as well as better chances of recovery.

What we have planned

Physiotherapy Training

We are pleased to announce our plans for two new teaching centres soley for teaching physiotherapy. One is a development of the existing infrastructure of a leading Non-Governmental Organisation's base and the second is an entirely new building.

Our training program for special physiotherapy services includes postoperative neurosurgery and cardiac surgery cases, in addition to some cases of amputation. For this, eight selected physiotherapy lecturers and trainers will be sent to Egypt for training on new techniques and specialities.

In association with the Palestinian Physiotherapy Association, we have selected 20 physiotherapists to receive introductory 'Training of Trainers' sessions.

8 participants will then take an advanced training course before they are assigned to groups of 10 physiotherapists to be trained in 8 specialities.


Diabetic-related complications also need attention. We plan to set up a dedicated centre at Al-Wafaa Hospital, which will specialise in treatment of affected feet as a result of the disease. the building will include an in-patient department and two daily clinic units.

Upgrading Facilities                                                           

A new rehabilitation department is planned to launch at Al Amal Hospital along with upgrades to the physiotherapy department at the University College of Applied Sciences and Al Ahli Hospital for student training.

The Al Amal hospital project is a 12-month project to deliver reconstruction work and provide medical rehabilitative equipment, furniture, IT support and staff training.


Commissioned by us and supervised by Qatar Red Crescent, the Palestinian Central Bureau for Statistics will be conducting a survey on disability in Gaza that will gather information on distribution, services available and gaps on individual and regional bases.

Personel conducting the survey will receive the required training in May, for what will be the first study of its kind in Gaza.


Our implementing partners in the establishment of the rehab department in Amal Hospital have conducted field visits to further understand and evaluate the needs of the hospital. Hospital staff and patients have been interviewed to evaluate the future impact of the project and its sustainability potential.

The similar upgrading project at UCAS and Al Ahli Hospital is making steady progress and a biomedical engineer is overseeing the technical components of the project to ensure the technical specifications requested are achieved.

The 20 physiotherapists assigned to the first level of training have been selected, and have completed their training. Simultaneously, training institutes in Egypt have been visited to help identify the best offers. The trainers began their training in Egypt in April 2012.

Steady progress has been made to provide medical equipment, furniture and medical disposables to the center at Al-Wafaa Hospital. Furniture requirements and medical equipment bids have been determined and contracting began in May.

Progress on the disability research project has been continues! The steering commitee of local and national governmental bodies, and international organisations such as WHO, ICRC and Handicap International has been formed and an action plan has been completed.

What we'll achieve through our work

Providing more space across the region increases the accessibility of care to patients, while upgrading skills for medical professionals has an untold benefit upon medical care.

With better post-operative care for neuro and cardiac surgery patients, we hope to see cases improve and hospitalisation time decrease. 

Providing better care for diabetes-related complications will mean fewer related amputations, which in turn reduces the strain on physiotherapy services.

Adding the facility at Al Amal hospital will ensure a more equal distribution of rehabilitation services for the southern Gaza population.