Undergraduate Degree Applications

In order to apply, the initial requirements are as follows. Take a look and if you are able to prove each of the statements, then we would love to hear from you when we open the application process this September. If you are not eligible this year, then please do try and work towards applying in the future. Good luck!

You must:

• have achieved the ‘Tawjihi’ high school graduate certificate
• have family registered on the UNDP’s register of extreme poverty
• have legal residency in Palestine
• be Palestinian
• not currently be benefitting from any other scholarship
• demonstrate a past and ongoing interest in extra-curricular activities outside of the school curriculum
• demonstrate good communication skills, vision for the future, clear personal goals and determination.
The admissions team also have certain requirements for each year’s intake, which might be useful for your application:
• Special needs applicants are given priority
• We aim to achieve an equal male/ female representation
• Students with a strong academic record will be given priority
• 15% medicine and related fields
• 20% engineering
• 65% of places are then open to competition for other places, and are nominated by all partner Non-Governmental Organisations, that have already received the family business grants, working in Gaza.


The assessment team work through the application forms. The financial need of each applicant is assessed through the completion of a ‘poverty score card’. This is the same tool that the UNDP’s DEEP program use to source the families most in need of their help. There is also a requirement on the application form to submit a short essay which will later feed into the interview evaluation.
A shortlist is then drawn up from the final applicants.

Final Evaluation

Applicants who pass this initial assessment stage will be invited to interview with three UNDP representatives and two partner NGOs for the panel to get to know the candidate’s personal traits and speak in more detail about the application.

The interview scores and written scores are then added and ranked, with the top 50% going on to be offered a place.

Plans for the admission process in the future

There are plans for this process to be streamlined in the future, with the use of psychometric testing for conceptual reasoning and testing of analytical, verbal and numerical skills.

After all, it is not just the academic demands of study that the Dynamic Futures involves, but also attendance on our rigorous Empowerment Program too.

To register your interest in Dynamic Futures or to find out more from a member of the team, please use the form below.

Undergraduate applications